Jack Walker
Quick Facts
HometownNashua, NH
Racing Since2007

Career Highlights

Jack started racing at age 6. He has won 18 championships. He has won over 60 races in his first 15 years racing and has raced in 8 different divisions, 7 different states, and 3 different track surfaces, Asphalt Oval, Road Course and Dirt Oval.

Crew Members

Mark Walker, Jennifer Walker, TSMotorsports


Steamboat, Slick Products, SPY Optic, Go Pro , Engine Ice

Up Close with Jack Walker

Name: Jack Walker
Position: Driver
Number: 95J
Team: Jack Walker Racing
Idols: My Dad, Dale Earnhardt Jr
Birthday: 11-15-2000
Age: 23
Hometown: Bow, NH

Jack will be running in the Granite State Legends Cars Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Jack started racing go karts when he was just 6 years old.
He's won 4 track championships racing go karts. Most recently he won both the NH State and the World Road Course Championships in the INEX US Legends Series.
In his first 15 years racing he has entered over 400 races and won over 50 times.

Just Jack

Jack Walker caught the racing bug at a really early age. Even before he could walk on his own he was driving Power Wheels 4 wheeler all around the house. He attended his first NASCAR race at 8 months old all decked out in his Earnhardt gear. He earned a permanent seat atop his Papa's lap on his Kubota tractor at the ripe old age of 1, and nearly every move he made required an engine sound effect.

At 18 months he had his first visit to Daytona USA and enjoyed all of the sights and sounds associated with Auto Racing. Dale Earnhardt Jr quickly became his favorite driver. His teachers in school soon learned that if Jack wasn't paying attention or "getting it" they could relate it to racing and he quickly caught on.

Jack's Dad bought him his first go-kart in 2005, though it proved to be too big for young Jack to drive at only four years old he enjoyed driving around on Daddy's lap. And even though he couldn't reach the pedals Dad was able to put the kart in first gear and let Jack drive around Papa's yard.

Jack got his first "real" 4 wheeler a Suzuki LT50 at the age of 5 and after one day needed the restrictor plate removed so he could get some serious speed. Blowing donuts and racing his cousin became an instant hit. At age 5 he went to his first Kart race to watch the Halloween Howler at Londonderry Raceway and instantly decided that was what he was going to do.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway became an annual event for us. Jack even purchased a genuine Goodyear Race used Tire from the track to use as a tire swing on his swing-set, and pushed that tire up the hill leaving the track all on his own when he was just 3 years old. On a trip to Disney World the week before the 2007 racing season started, Jack's only request was to go back to Daytona. Racing was officially in his blood.


At 6 years old, May 6th 2007 would be Jack’s first start in the quarter midget division (5-8 years old). Jack had two practices, a heat race and a feature race that day, his first time ever in a racing kart. He raced against 4 other competitors and went on to win his first feature event, making it one of the happiest days of his life. Jack went on to win 16 more races, including the famed Halloween Howler in his first season racing and won the championship in the quarter midget division his very first year.


2008 brought new changes for Jack. Londonderry raceway closed, so Jack found a new track to race at, Route 106 Racepark in Pembroke New Hampshire. 2008 also saw Jack in a new race kart. At 7 years old Jack moved up to the Wild Thing Karts Tiger Sprint Division (ages 7-11) for the 2008 season. Jack started out the season in the Tiger Sprint B Division and after winning 7 poles and 8 races, including the New England Pavement Series race and the Halloween Howler, he had won his second championship in as many years. To cap off the season Jack also decided to run the “money race” in the Tiger Sprint A division in the Halloween Howler, a division above what he’d been running all season, and drove from an 8th place start to finish second earning his first paycheck for driving a race kart.


2009 brought many new opportunities for Jack to further his racing career. He began the year racing the indoor road course series at F1 Boston in the Winter Racing Series, where he finished 10th out of 26 drivers as one of the youngest drivers on the circuit. This was Jack's first time running a road course and he took to it quite well and had a ton of fun. At Route 106, Jack ran his Tiger Sprint in the "A" division in both the regular weekly series and the newly created money Series "Saturday Night Live" Jack held off a formidable group of drivers from many local area tracks to win the championship in both divisions. He also ran a limited schedule in his new kart an Ultramax Burn Octane Jr Sportsman Champ where he took home fourth place for the championship. With two new championships in the TIger Sprint Jack will be retiring the kart and running the Jr Sportsman full time for the 2010 campaign.


2010 was JWR's most ambitous year yet. It started with once again running the indoor road course series at F1 Boston and followed it up with a couple of indoor races driving the Jr Sportsman at Victory Lane in Maine. Running an indoor oval on concrete was a different experience for the team but a lot of fun!! The summer season saw Jack in a new division racing his Jr Sportsman Champ at Route 106 Race Park. Once again he raced in both the regular series as well as the Saturday Night Live series. Jack took home 2nd place in the Saturday Night Live Series and 4th place in the weekly series. Jack and his team also ventured to a couple of new tracks this season. Richmond Karting Speedway in the great racing state of Maine showed Jack what it's like to drive without walls on a flat track. Jack missed a few races in their TGIF Friday Night series but managed a couple of 5th place finishes and finished the series in the 6th position. The just opened track of Twin State Speedway in Claremont NH was Jack's second new venture this season. Jack competed in the New England Challenge racing series where he finished in third spot despite having to start last in every race as the track combined the regular season points with the New England Challenge series races for starting positions. The team will likely venture to these three tracks again next year and you just might see a couple of new ones as well. 4 different series, 4 different types of tires, 3 different tracks, 2 different motors and a bunch of new competitors was just what the team needed to learn all that they can and become a better racing team, and a better racer.


2011 brought new challenges to Jack as he raced in his largest class to date. At Route 106 Racepark the Jr Sportsman Champ class was typically the largest on the day with 8 to 12 karts at each event. And Twin State's Jr Sportsman Champ class was even larger with 10 to 14 each time we attended a race. These large classes brought new challenges and a lot of learning ability to the field as not all racers on the track were of the same ability or level within the class. Learning to navigate through a larger field, driving up from the back of the pack, passing lapped cars and maintaining a top 3 spot in his charge to the front all helped pave the way for Jack to have a championship caliber season.

Jack finished the year in a hard fought 2nd position for the Route 106 championship. He battled with some of the toughest competitors he's had to date and learned a lot all season long.
The team once again traveled to Twin State for their 4 race New England Challenge event where Jack finished 2nd in each of the 3 races he attended. Jack easily would have finished the series in 2nd spot but circumstances took him out of the final race and he wound up in 7th out of 15 karts for the season. Not bad considering he only completed 3 of the 4 races.


JWR had a lot of fun in 2012. Switching from go karts to a VW Golf was a big step for an 11 year old kid but Jack did great. Jack learned to drive stick in about 20 minutes. He cut 20 seconds off of his lap times in his first day of practice, had a couple of decent wrecks to get himself, and his crew, in the swing of dealing with pitstops and actually won a race in fine style, leading every lap from green to checkers. Jack and the crew learned alot this year and had a ton of fun in the CFS driving school with Pete Fraser as his teacher. Keeping with tradition, the JWR crew has already picked up Jack's next ride, an mid 80's Monte Carlo, set to run as a Pure Stock. Jack and the crew will get this car ready for the 2014 season and hope to get in some practice time this year. For 2013 JWR will continue in the Daredevil division at Canaan and hope to try out as many other tracks as possible to gain even more experience.


2013 did not turn out how we planned. The year started out really good. The VW won best in show at Canaan Fair Speedway during the preseason. Jack won his first race of the season and drove some of the fastest laps he ever raced at Canaan. Then during the fourth of July Spectacular Jack got caught up in another drivers wreck and the VW barrell rolled two times before finally settling back on its wheels. The car was done for the season. The crew decided to get a new chassis to rebuild the car to hopefully get out there before the end of the season when we found out that the track would be closing at the end of the season. Not knowing where or what we would be racing in 2014, the team switched gears and started go kart racing. We headed back to Londonderry Raceway for the first time since the track closed down in 2007. The team had a lot of fun go kart racing but we're switching gears again for 2014. Stay tuned...


2014 was a transitional year for the Jack Walker Racing team. We were thrown a curve ball with the closing of our home track Canaan which required us going in a new direction. We picked up two new (to us)Legends Cars to go racing at the big track NHMS! Unfortunately dear old Dad, the Crew Chief and sole mechanic broke his hand which halted progress on the cars. The team didn't get the cars ready until August which meant we only ended up racing the car 3 times, due to weather and mechanical failures. So we switched gears and headed to the go kart track for a little fun towards the end of the season.
The offseason was put to good use making sure the cars were ready for the start of the 2015 season and getting in one more F1 Boston season for fun. Jack missed a couple of races due to other commitments but still managed to stay in the top 10 on points.
2015 is on the horizon and the team is looking forward to a funfilled, action packed, full long racing season. Stay tuned to the website and socials, or come on down to the track to check out Jack's progress.


2015 was Jack's first full season in a US Legends International car. He raced on both oval tracks and road courses for the first time in his "big car" career. Road Course racing is a whole different animal but Jack took to it pretty well. Not only do you turn right and left, go up and down hills, and drive on a much longer course, but you also race in the rain. Jack did really well in the rain, racing roughly half of his road course races on a wet track. Jack finished the year as the Young Lions Road Course State Champion for New Hampshire, as well as the Young Lions Road Course World Champion after competing in the Road Course World Finals at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. As for the oval course Jack competed on four different tracks this season, NHMS, Claremont, Star Speedway and Wiscassett.
Once again we raced a little at F1 Boston during the offseason and got the cars ready for 2016, picking up a third car so that we now have a dedicated setup for each type of track we will race on this season.
Stay tuned to the website and social media for updates.


2016 was a very good year for Jack in a US Legends International car. He raced on both oval tracks and road courses gaining much needed experience and ability. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park started a new Road Course division for Legend Cars so Jack decided to run both the Thompson and New Hampshire Road Courses for the full season this year. Thankfully the tracks worked together to create their schedules and there were no conflicts so the team wase able to double the number of road course races this year. Jack finished the year as the Young Lions Road Course State Champion for New Hampshire, as well as the Young Lions Road Course World Champion for the second year in a row, after competing in the Road Course World Finals at Dominion Raceway in Virginia, which was the farthest the team had ever traveled to race and was a ton of fun. As for the oval course Jack competed on three different tracks this season, NHMS, Star Speedway and Wiscassett. Jack was able to get on the podium a couple of times at NHMS which was a lot of fun.

Stay tuned to the website and social media for updates.


After winning back to back Young Lions Road Course championships in 2015 and 2016, it was time for Jack to move up a division to the Semi-Pro class. The Semi-Pro division was one of the most competitive divisions last year so the team was expecting to have some stiff competition this season and were not wrong. Once again Jack ran the full schedule at both NHMS and Thompson on the road course and battled for the lead in the division championship all year. World Finals were in Finland this year and the team was not able to attend, but were second in points going into the championship race. Even after the race was run Jack finished 5th, the highest ranking competitor not to attend World Finals. This year was a lot of fun, getting better and better finishes and competing for the top spots with the best of the best. Jack competed weekly with the 2017 Young Lions, Semi Pro and Pro champions and held his own. Because the team was unable to attend World Finals in Finland they headed down to Atlanta for the Young Lions National Championship event, where many of the competitors unable to attend the Finland race used the event as a National event. Jack finished 5th against some of the best of the best in his division.
Jack also competed on the oval completing the entire NHMS oval schedule which also took the team to LEEUSA Speedway for the first time in what was the largest field of cars he had ever raced with. Jack ended the race 8th out of 27. Jack picked up a handful of podiums this year as well at NHMS.
Stay tuned to the website and social media for updates.


Jack's second year as a Semi-Pro in Legends proved to be just as challenging as his first. Semi-Pro is usually a tough division and Jack battled some very tough competition. Once again the team did double duty running the full Road Course schedules at both Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park as well as New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Jack spent most of the season as the leader in World Points while battling for top finishes in the multi-division races every week. He ended the year 2nd in points at TSMP with a couple of podium finishes while finishing in the 4th spot at NHMS with 5 podiums including the coveted Loudon Classic event. Jack and the team would head out to Las Vegas for the first time for World Finals where a couple of bad hits at the start of the race took him out of contention for a competitive finish. He ended the season 2nd after the Road Course World Finals.
The team also competed in the Granite State Legends Cars Oval Series picking up a couple podiums and ending the season 3rd in points.
Jack learned a lot this season and plans to run an even bigger oval season in 2019. Stay tuned to the website for updates.


What a year! 2019 was the team's most ambitious year yet. Jack decided that he wanted to run for both the Road Course and Oval National titles which meant a lot more oval racing for the team. For the first time in his Legends career Jack had to run at least 20 races to even be in contention for the title. Not an easy thing to do when also running for a Road Course Championship. After the success of running the Granite State Legends Cars at Lee USA Speedway a couple years ago the series added a few more "away games" to the schedule. With the addition of Claremont Speedway and Monadnock Speedway, as well as the first ever Dirt race on The Flat Track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the GSLC oval series was pretty fun. Of the 11 races run in the GSLC Oval series Jack racked up 8 podiums. Jack's first experience on dirt was filled with a mixture of emotions. After posting the fastest lap of the entire event and winning his heat race, Jack had an equipment failure in the feature race and ended up 9th. He cannot wait to run dirt again to try to back up his qhalifying run from the inaugural event. In addition to GSLC the team also ran a few NELCAR events at Star Speedway, Oxford Plains Speedway, Hudson Speedway,, White Mountain Motorsports Park, and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway racing against some of the toughest in New England. While he didn't land on the podium in any of these races he did just miss with a few 4th place finishes and ran up front in many of the events. The team made the trip to Carteret County Speedway in NC for oval Nationals and while the trip was a lot of fun, a number of missteps were made landing Jack in the back of the pack on a very flat track needing to avoid wreck after wreck until the wrecks finally caught up with him and the car ended up on the hook ending our day early.
On the Road Course Jack had to deal with a shorter schedule as Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park did not run a Legends series this year. Jack had to hope his finishes at the 15 events at Loudon would be enough to win him the championship. While we didn't have the TSMP races Jack did get to try a different roadcourse when NHMS decided to create a Short Course leaving out the hill and running a modified roadcourse on just the infield and 1 mile track. Not only did Jack pick up a record 11 podiums in 14 races he also earned not only his first win but 3 wins in a row closing out the NHMS season by winning the final 3 road course events. He would finish the season in 3rd place just 5 points behind 2nd, after having to miss a race to graduate high school.
His stellar season at NHMS would bring him to Atlanta Motorsports Park for the second time, tied for first place with Finland's Leevi Lintukantu. His finishing position in this event would determine the Road Course World Champion. In what would turn out to be one of the most exciting events of his entire career Jack and Leevi would battle in 3rd and 4th positions, respectively, to finish the race and determine the champion with Jack coming out on top by a mere 2 feet at the line. Jack earned the Semi-Pro Road Course World Champion title by finishing 3rd in the Road Course World Finals event.
JWR is looking forward to the 2020 season with big plans ahead. Stay tuned to the website for more information.


Stay tuned for the 2020 yearend recap!

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